IMG_0961 (1)Hello, friends! My name is Morgan Long. I am a collegiate student-athlete at The University of Oklahoma, running cross-country, track and field, and studying Environmental Sustainability: Science and Natural Resources. I have a strong love for food, plants, animals, coffee, fishing, traveling, family, and my Heavenly Father.

My intention behind starting this blog is to simply share my passions for all of the things listed above and my family’s ways of trying to live more sustainably and simply.

This blog will consist of posts about food, flowers, coffee shop stops, local restaurants, doodles, fishing, backyard adventures, gardening/farming, family time, date nights, local shopping, running, inspirational and positive thoughts, my dog, and really anything else that I find inspirational.

My personal  food philosophy is: eat fresh, local (homegrown if you can), organic, REAL food made with love. I “label” my diet as the Paleolithic diet. To me, this simply means: eat grass-fed meats and dairy, local and organic produce, healthy fats, and avoid grains, corn, beans, any processed foods, and any refined sugars. Most importantly, it’s all about listening to the body, and adapting when needed.

What I hope for you to take away from this blog is to learn to find love and joy in all of the simple and beautiful things in your own personal life and to spread and share that love and joy with everyone you encounter.

Love y’all!

Morgan Long

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