Blueberry Picking

Monday was Cody’s 19th birthday! So, I decided to plan a little date to the Thunderbird Berry Farm, in Broken Arrow, to pick fresh blueberries together! One of our favorite fruits!


The farm was beautiful and peaceful. Rows and rows of blueberry bushes everywhere.


Cody was excited to get to picking! We had an hour to pick because they close at noon, and we were determined to fill up our bucket before we had to leave.


I clearly couldn’t contain my excitement. I was doing all that I could to not just run up and down the rows of berry bushes because I was so excited (I did a little). I love me some blueberries!!


Such beautiful little fruits. And they were literally everywhere. Everywhere we turned there was another bright and juicy blueberry ready to be picked.


I was in a little piece of heaven. I loved every bit of it. We were bothered by few, if any bugs. It was rather warm and sunny, but there was a wonderful breeze every now and then. It was so calm too, the only sounds were the breeze and the chatter of a couple of families a few rows down from us.


Cody was so cute picking blueberries. We’d pick for a little while, then intermittently he would force me to take a break just so he could hug me and love on me. Every time one of  us would find a big blueberry, or find a good bush, we would share our good news and get really excited. I think he enjoyed going and doing something a little untraditional for his birthday.


Admiring some of our harvest!


We just about filled up our bucket, and we ended up leaving with over three pounds of blueberries! We were so excited! We dreamed of all of the blueberry muffins and blueberry pancakes we were going to make.

After we left the farm, the rest of Cody’s birthday consisted of hand washing his car together (leaving us both soaking wet), and then having dinner at his house with his family and me. I think he enjoyed his day.

Below is me as we left the farm with all of our blueberries. I was happy. I don’t think Cody knew quite how to handle me and my excitement. It was such a fun day, despite the heat. Cody and I love going on little dates together that are just simple, not spending a lot of money, but just purely enjoying each other’s company and doing something fun while we’re at it.

Our blueberry muffin recipe will be coming to the blog soon!


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