Trip to Taylor

Taylor, my sister, has been interning at the Ausable Club in St. Huberts, New York in the Adirondack Mountains since the beginning of May. My family, Kevin (Taylor’s boyfriend), and I have missed her dearly, so we planned a vacation to visit her! We visited many fun and beautiful places, but I think we all would agree that the most amazing part of the vacation was seeing Taylor again.


This is my parents, Kevin, and me about to hit the road. All smiles for getting to see our Taylor!


Our first stop: Lambert’s: Home of The Throwed Rolls! This place brings back wonderful childhood memories for me. It was just as fun and delicious as it was when Taylor and I were little kids. Good quality southern cooking, and I mean how can you beat sweet, delicious, hot rolls literally being thrown to you upon your demand. So fun.


Its fun old-timey décor and atmosphere takes you back in time.


Look at that beautiful, glistening, soft, sweet, hot roll. With butter. MMMM. Salivating. I couldn’t wait for the people walking around with the buckets of sorghum to come by because how can you wait when beauty is waiting to be devoured. So I didn’t wait. I buttered it up, drizzled some honey on top, braved my gluten sensitivity, and devoured the delicious roll. No regrets.


For my main course I had Polish sausage and kraut with turnip greens and beets. All of us loved our meals. My parents even said the food was better than they remembered. We all left happy, full, and entertained from watching rolls fly through the air.


The next day, our stop was at the Cleveland West Side Market.


Meats, cheeses, sweets, herbs, and breads, galore.


And fruit as far as the eye can see!!


We left the market with some good finds, fortunately, since we got there around closing time. We left with some fresh strawberries and peaches, cheese curds, some jerky sticks for dad, and some Ohio maple syrup!


Our next stop was New York!!  We made a rest stop at a service area along the highway once we crossed over into the state. Before we went inside there was a little farmer’s stand set up selling local honey, maple syrup, apples, strawberries, and these delicious, pure maple syrup candies! Immediately I fell in love with New York, of course. We snacked on these little candies off and on during the trip. THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS. We bought a couple of tubs of them at the farmer’s market in Keene once we got to Taylor. I ate the last one today… When my dad found out I ate it, he got upset. He was saving it for himself later. Oops…


Our first actual stop in New York was of course Niagara Falls. Kevin and I were excited to board The Maid of The Mist! (Also, I’m sporting my favorite shirt that my dad hates because I wear it ALL THE TIME.)


Hello, Canada!!


Ready to go on The Maid of The Mist! Loving our gigantic blue ponchos and the beautiful blue water!


Ready to set sail and fighting to keep my poncho out of my eyes!


Niagara Falls is a beautiful creation of God. It truly was amazing. No words can describe the feeling of being in the boat in the center of the falls and the mist.


After being on The Maid of The Mist, we decided to climb up right next to one of the falls and get even more wet!


After seeing the falls we made our way to get souvenirs and then to Hard Rock Niagara Falls to eat lunch.


Our next stop: TAYLOR. After winding through the beautiful mountains, we finally made it to the Ausable Club. We were all overjoyed to see Taylor (I got a little emotional). Tay gave us a little tour of the club in the dark, then we all made our way to bed.

The next morning, we went to SubAlpine Coffee for coffee and breakfast. Absolutely adored it. Super cute little coffee shop with excellent coffee and food options.


Daddy enjoying the view and his latte while he waited for his rather massive and delicious breakfast burrito!


They had Kombucha on tap! And you could get samples!


Hello, my love. Coffee. Their coffee was great. I was a happy camper.


After we finished up at breakfast, we went to some cute little shops around the coffee place, then we headed back to the club to let Kevin finish some homework for his online classes. After he finished up, we headed to Lake Placid! Such a beautiful lake, even for an overcast day! We spent the day there going through all of the cute little shops. We stopped to get lunch at a little deli that served both sweet and savory crepes! Loved it!


After we shopped, we tried to find a way to get closer to the water. We finally found a spot where we could get an up close look of the water and satisfy my desire to touch any body of water I see.


We also drove by  the Olympic Training Center! Very cool! We didn’t get to go in because we got there after they closed, but it was still incredible just getting to see it.


The next day, Taylor took us hiking! We hiked Indian Head trail. It was a blast. So beautiful, too. Dad was a great hiker. It was like he does it almost every year in Colorado, or something…Oh wait..He does.


When we got to the top of the trail the trees cleared away into this large open area of rock. It was incredible. A little surreal. Kind of felt like we were the only people in the world. We got to see a falcon perched over the edge of the rock, and we actually got my mom to be relatively calm next to edge of the mountain (which is actually probably more of a feat than actually climbing the mountain to be honest)!


After we hiked Indian Head Trail, Taylor took us on the trail to Rainbow Falls.


A doe was right in our path to the falls! She moved to let us pass, but she hung around for quite a while…Until she got tired of us staring at her.

IMG_6095IMG_6099IMG_0259 (1)

We made it to the falls! They were beautiful! As we got closer and closer, the mist got stronger and stronger, and naturally it got colder and colder. But it was worth it to see the natural beauty up so close. And, we did get to see a rainbow!!


Like I stated before, I like to touch any body of water we visit. My mom has a picture of me when I was little, almost exactly like this one, in my favorite purple outfit, touching some water. It is one of my favorite pictures.


Post hike, we were all famished. We went back to the club, got cleaned up a little bit, then headed back in to Lake Placid for dinner. We went to The Dancing Bears. It hit the spot, especially after a long day of hiking. Mom, Taylor, and I got coffee. Mom and I got the Mountain Man Chili Skillet. Excellent chili. Dad, Tay, and Kevin got burgers. They said they were great! We left, once again, full and happy.

On our way home we stopped by Rivermede Farm Market, for some local snacks for later since our meal at The Dancing Bears was around 3ish. We picked up some local cheese, yogurt, apples, grapes, and of course some more of those delicious maple candies.

When we returned to the club, we went out to the deck off of our floor and relaxed. We pulled out the snacks and some cards we bought in Lake Placid to play with. We played two rounds of rummy (I was getting destroyed.) before we had to pause for Taylor and Kevin to go do homework. After they left, Mom, Dad, and I continued to snack and played some poker out on the deck. When the temperature began to drop, we decided to head inside. By the time Taylor and Kevin had finished their homework, Dad was passed out on the bed, and I think I was dozing a little bit, so we put our game of rummy on a longer pause.

Relaxing, playing cards, and snacking out on the deck was my favorite part of the entire trip.


On the day we left Taylor to head back home, we planned on stopping back by Subalpine Coffee for coffee and breakfast again. But unfortunately, they are closed on Wednesdays. But it was a happy accident because we then decided to try the Noon Mark Diner across the street. This gave us a chance to try their local maple syrup on pancakes! Classic local diner. Delicious homemade baked goods everywhere. Very large gluten free menu. I got a single gluten free blueberry pancake with a side of bacon and coffee. Loved it.


On our way home, we drove through Washington D.C. It was an adventure to say the least. We got some neat pictures from the car, but time, lack of parking, and a crazy, substantial amount of traffic caused us to decide to make Washington D.C. a whole different trip in itself.


After we made it out of Washington D.C. and finally made it to our hotel in Manassas, Virginia, we went downtown and ate at Okra’s Cajun Creole. Another delicious stop, with a nice relaxed atmosphere.


The next day, after a day of travel, our hotel was in Nashville. So, naturally I looked up to see where the Whole Foods was, and fortunately it was only about 20 minutes from the hotel and only about 5 minutes from where we wanted to eat dinner! After dinner we went to the Whole Foods, and I was amazed. They had a whole separate store for their Whole Body section! It was fabulous.

Before we left Whole Foods, I got my late night coffee and yogurt. Mom also got coffee and this locally made banana muffin! The muffin was tasty, but I didn’t want a lot, I only wanted a couple of bites, but Mom kept telling me to eat more, so amidst our arguing over the muffin, we dropped about a quarter of the muffin on the floorboard of the car…then I gave in and ate the rest of the muffin as she demanded me to do so.


We had a blast visiting Taylor. We all miss her a ton, but we are all so proud of her. It was hard to leave, but we are all just so happy we were able to make the trip to go see her. It made being away from her all summer a little more bearable. We are all so happy she is getting to experience this wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity in such a beautiful fun place. It’s only fitting for such a beautiful and fun girl. We love her more than words could ever describe, and we are all anxiously awaiting her return to Oklahoma after she finishes up being the best intern ever.

I love you, Kitty.




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