Earth Day Weekend

This weekend was full of fun! And it just so happened to be Earth Day weekend too!


I began my celebration by heading to the Botany Club plant sale on Friday morning. They had so many beautiful plants for sale. Herbs, succulents, trees, and so much more. All for a bargain too. All the club members were all so friendly and happy. I mean they are surrounded by plants all the time, so how could they not be happy?!

I left the plant sale with 4 plants: an aloe plant, wheatgrass, a Vicks vaporub plant, and another lemon tree. I love my plants. I felt like a proud mamma carrying them back to my dorm room.


After I went to the Botany Club sale, I decided to go to my favorite little hang out spot, The Earth Deli and Café, and get breakfast. I mean, it only made sense to go and eat at The Earth on Earth Day! I had two eggs over-easy from a farm here in Norman with yogurt and berries, alongside a green smoothie with a shot of wheatgrass from their garden, and of course coffee. It was delicious. Reminded me of breakfast back home.


After I ate, I had to go to class. It was a gorgeous day. the sky was so blue, and the temperature was perfect.

Next to my class their is a rose garden, so I stopped by to appreciate all of the beautiful flowers in bloom.


So the next day my mom and Taylor came down to visit me in the morning and have breakfast. We went to Main Street to eat and it just so happened that the Norman Music festival was being set up. We weren’t able to hear any of the music because the event hadn’t started yet, but we were able to enjoy the empty streets and walking around looking in store fronts during the quiet time before stores opened and the event began.

We eventually decided to eat somewhere different than our original intentions because the wait had grown too long and our appetites were getting the best of us. So, we made our way to one of our favorite places to dine in Norman, Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails. Everything here is made from scratch (hence the name), and they feature lots of local ingredients on their menu. We decided to sit out on their patio, and we started  our brunch off with coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice around the table, and their scratch made scone basket with honey butter. Okay, I had to take a nibble…or two. I’m a sucker for a good scone. Especially orange cranberry scones. They are a weakness… Anyway! My mom and I had three cheesy scrambled eggs with bacon and potatoes. Hit the spot. Taylor had their homemade biscuits with pancetta and sausage gravy with scrambled eggs on the side. She said they were perfect. We left full and satisfied.

After that, we stopped by The Earth Café so they could see their amazing garden out back where they get a lot of their ingredients that they use in their dishes.

Then we went back to my dorm so that they could pick up my plants so they can take care of them until I come home for the summer. My room felt so empty without my plants, but I knew they were in good hands.


Today my mom sent me tons of pictures of the progress this years garden is making. The seeds my mom is holding are beet seeds. Isn’t that crazy? So fascinating. So, right now what we’ve got planted is: Beets, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, sweet potatoes, peppers, and onions. We also have tomatoes, strawberries, two peach trees, an apple tree, and a blueberry bush. We are all SO excited for our garden and to watch it grow.

Also, today I went to the little Earth Day festival here in Norman. It was great. Lots of booths teaching young kids about their impact on the environment and how they can help maintain the Earth’s health and beauty. And! One booth was giving away free red oak trees (pictured below)! Yay! My dad was especially excited to hear that I’ll be bringing this one home.


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