Art Walk

Alright, sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but the semester is coming to an end which has meant that my time and energy has magically vanished! But, I have found a moment to spare to update y’all on some fun things I’ve been up to!

A couple of weeks ago some of my teammates and I went to downtown Norman to enjoy the little Art Walk/Farmer’s Market held once a year. There were local artists, farmers, food trucks, and bands. All the little antique shops around had their doors open welcoming people in to look around and shop. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful evening. Perfect weather, which is a rare one for Oklahoma.

Growing up, my mom took my sister and me to Farmer’s Markets whenever we could make them. Thanks to my mom, and her teachings, I formed my deep love and appreciation for Farmer’s Market’s and all that they stand for.


This is a picture of me talking to some local bee keepers about their honey taken by the beautiful, and talented, Abbey Mace. She is one of my friends, and teammates that accompanied me to this event. She is also an extremely talented aspiring photographer. Check out her work! Here, she perfectly captured me doing what I love.


This is the stand of a couple selling local honey from right here in Norman: Hidden Hill Honey! They were super nice and happy to talk to me about beekeeping, how they do it, and their opinion on flow beehives! My family has been thinking about raising honey bees. We are still trying to decide how we would do it if we do. According to these local bee keepers, the concept of flow hives is great, but not for commercial beekeeping. Great information! So, flow hives are still on our radar because we aren’t really looking to do it commercially. Well at least not in the near future… Anyway! I bought some of their honey. Very delicious and smooth. Slight floral tones to it. I found that it was especially good with aged sharp white cheddar. Perfect snack.

(Plus, after I finish with the honey, I get to keep the jar and use it for something else, which is always nice!)

I also purchased a chocolate cherry tomato plant from a local farmer which is now currently growing on my windowsill!


Here is another great picture captured by the wonderful Abbey Mace! This is me with a couple more of my friends/teammates that went with me to support our local artists and farmers!


This is the food truck I decided to eat at! There were so many trucks and such unique and tasty options at all of them, it made  it very difficult to decide which one to eat at. After much contemplation, I decided to order the Whole 30 Bowl (pictured below) from The Healthy Hippo. It was fresh and satisfying. Just what I needed after practice and the extra walking around.

It is so important to remember to support local artists and farmers! Buying local helps to maintain these artists’ and farmers’ livelihoods! Plus, not only is buying local food great for you, but it is also great for supporting the local economy. Also, by buying local, you help in the fight against cruel, chemical based commercial farming and agriculture.


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