Easter Festivities

Easter! One of my most favorite and memorable holidays as a child and still to this day. The smell of food made with love and care filled the house, along with the sound of joyful laughter and play. I can still remember approaching my Grandparents’ house, seeing all the flowers and the Easter signs lining the pathway, and running around without a care in the world other than the color of my Easter bunny and finding the most Easter eggs, whether with change in them, or hopefully the couple that had a dollar in them, or just the good ol’ dyed hard boiled eggs.


Here is mine and Taylor’s Easter dresses we wore to church that morning to celebrate the whole reason Easter exists! The resurrection of Jesus Christ! A day in history that brings everlasting hope and joy.

It was fun to dress up! Both Taylor and I had forgotten that it can be fun to dress up due to our demanding college lives!


Mommy working on Easter supper!


Taylor is excited for food! Especially deviled eggs and cake!


Here is a picture of our completed Paleo Carrot Cake with a Paleo goat cheese icing! Mom and Taylor started getting emotional that we are growing up. Boo adulthood, but yay for cake!


Supper time! This picture just makes me salivate remembering how great everything tasted. So, what we have here is some nice, juicy ham, a deviled egg, creamy and cheesy au gratin potatoes, honey glazed rainbow carrots, and peas with some freshly picked, mint from my herb garden. Yum yum yum!


Lily thinking, “Where’s mine?!”


Paleo carrot cake with Paleo goat cheese icing! Perfect pairing with coffee, milk, or just stuffing it in your face without any beverage at all.

I’ll post the recipe we used in another post!


The tradition of dying eggs! Usually Taylor and I paint our own dozen of eggs, but this year we decided to collaborate! So, we decided to make our eggs look like fruits and vegetables. Taylor made the: pineapple, carrot, potato, avocado, tomato, and lemon. I did the: artichoke, strawberry, corn, watermelon, and eggplant. Cody even helped out! He made the blueberry!


Here is a close up of my egg made to look like a corn cob!


Here is a close up of Taylor’s pineapple egg!


And the hunt begins! Yes, I am 19 and Taylor is 21 and we still hunt eggs. No shame.

Also, this is me wearing my new ‘grass fed.’ t-shirt, teacup pajama pants, and my forever old, toss around Adidas sliders. Interesting look, but it works for hunting Easter eggs!

Taylor and I tied in the hunt for our Easter eggs, so all ended peacefully.


Probably our weirdest Easter tradition.. After all that work of turning our eggs into works of art, hiding them, then finding them, we throw them at a tree and smash them. Occasionally throwing the eggs at each other, but not so much any more because we realized that throwing hard boiled eggs at people actually is painful and kind of dangerous.. So, now we mainly stick to rubbing the eggs on the tree and making smashed egg art on the tree to stay on there for a couple of days! Weird, but fun! For some reason there is some kind of weird satisfaction in throwing an egg and watching it smash into pieces. But, we had to make sure we kept Lily away from the egg debris. That would be an easy way for a puppy to get a belly ache.

Here is our post hunt picture with our Daddy! Daddy loves playing with his girls, and his girls love playing with him. He looks so handsome, proud, and excited.

Yes, I know my shirt could have potentially said a naughty word, but in fact it does say, ‘grass fed.’, not something else.

This was a memorable Easter weekend. I am so happy I got to come home and eat some good food, be with people I love, and most importantly celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


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