Fish Fry

Last Saturday we made another fishing trip to ‘The Lake’, but this time we brought my boyfriend, Cody, and Taylor’s boyfriend, Kevin, along. We left around 8 AM from our house and we were all dressed for colder weather due to the anticipation of some strong wind.


The fishing got off to a slow start with first me, and then Cody picking up the jugs. But, when Kevin took his turn at picking up the jugs, the real fishing began. He pulled up some big ones! Almost every jug Kevin pulled up had a fish.


Here is a picture of our biggest catch of the day! Cody is trying to calm it down and keep it from flipping off the table. He was fat and feisty!


We ended up with a very successful day of fishing after a slow start!!


So now it’s time to eat! Here’s my daddy doing the dirty work: filleting the fish. Although not for the faint of heart, it is extremely fascinating to watch.


Here’s Cody being all cute and excited! He’s ready to eat some fish!


Here is Taylor and Kevin warming up their hands by the fish fryer! The wind was bitter and hard on our hands, especially right after coming off the water.


Wow that’s a lot of fish!! This is actually about a third of the fish we caught because my mom had already cut up some of the fillets before I could snap a shot. This bowl of fish is about to become crispy, golden brown, and delicious!


Mommy still cutting up the fish! So much fish!


Daddy working on getting the propane just right for the fryer!


In they go, all dredged in cornmeal, salt, and pepper!

YUMMM! Golden, delicious, little nuggets of catfish heaven. Crispy and salty on the outside, and warm, moist, and flaky on the inside.

 We all just couldn’t wait long enough to devour them, so we all suffered from some minor burns, but it was totally worth it. Nothing beats a day of fishing with a fish fry immediately following.

We left with both our bellies and our hearts full.


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