Tea Time

Mom, Taylor, and I had a girls day out yesterday! A girls day out for us means that we head here: Dragonmoon Tea Co. Tea Room. The restaurant is in an old, repurposed, little, town house. So quaint. Simple and delicious menu, plethora of choices for hot tea, or cold, crisp and clean décor, local artists’ art hung on the wall, lovely and wonderful service, and of course always scrumptious meals and desserts.


My beautiful and lovely Mom and sister, Taylor! I love our girl time together. My favorite thing about when we come to The Tea Room together is when we get to laughing. Especially Mom. We all have rather loud and joyous laughs, but Mom has the most joyous, and when we get together there is always plenty of laughter. With the restaurant being close quarters because it’s an old home, we are usually the rowdiest table and we have to shush ourselves… Oh well! We’re having fun!


Tea Time! Ordering what flavor tea we want is always the biggest debate when we come here. There are soo many choices, how do you choose?! Well this time it was rather easy because I came to The Tea Room over Christmas break with my boyfriend, Cody and tried a tea that I loved. Roasted chestnut. Super smooth and tasty. Even better with a little bit of cream and honey! The honey they provide is local honey from a farm in Broken Arrow called Mike and Andy’s Clover Honey. Perfect tea to warm us up on the slightly chilly, spring day.


And this is the main reason why we choose to have girls day here. This delectable sandwich. We order this every time, and it leaves us speechless every time… And messy. You know a sandwich is good when you don’t mind that it’s all over your face and occasionally in your eyebrows. So good that even I, the one who is strictest on avoiding grains, will splurge a couple times a year.

This sandwich is their Cheddar Apple Croissant, toasted, and with ham. There is just something about it that makes it so breathtakingly good. We think it’s the sauce, but we’re really not sure. It’s a mystery. Plus a croissant bun and ham, how can you go wrong?? I choose to get the side of fruit just to keep it a little lighter, but Taylor gets the German potato salad and Mom gets the rice salad (both also SO good).

No dessert is featured today because all three of us filled up on tea and we were completely satisfied with how we were feeling after the sandwich. Usually though we go for the bread pudding. To die for (again we think it’s the sauce, but still a mystery as to why it’s SO good as well), so I may eventually do another post for that alone!

My favorite thing about this place though besides the company, the food, and the aesthetics, is the fact that it reminds me of my Grandparents’ old house. I remember the smell of their house so vividly, and The Tea Room smells exactly like it used to, and it’s the first thing I thought of the first time we ever went. The smell reminds me of my childhood and all the fond memories, full of love, that I have from spending time with my Grandparents and family at their house.


2 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Michael Trainer says:

    Hi, ladies. Just now found your Web site. I wish to thank you for featuring my local honey. You ware very generous and gracious. Please let me know if I can help you in any way. Sincerely, Michael Trainer….Mike & Andy’s Clover Honey !!

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