Gone Fishin’

 At about 10:00 AM my family and I headed out on the water, in the old flat-bottom boat, to go check the jugs that my dad had baited up and set out the night before.

There may be nothing more beautiful than a sunrise on the water to begin a day of fishing. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a family who showed the beauties of fishing. My fondest memories come from being at ‘The Lake’. ‘The Lake’ will forever be my favorite place in the world thanks to the love and fun that I experienced there thanks to my Grandpa, Grandpappy, Dad, Grandma, Mom, and Sister.



Mommy and Daddy having a cute moment on our way out to check the jugs. (Above)

Daddy being our handsome and very skilled boat driver, checking the jugs for fish, and re-baiting. Fishing with jugs is super fun! It’s like an Easter egg hunt, and when you come up on a jug with a fish on it, the jug will start to bob under water and try to swim away. It’s such a rush to reach down sometimes not knowing if there is a fish on there and then feeling the tug of it trying to get away! And then the suspense of waiting to see the fish emerge from the murky water, in hopes that it is the monster fish that all fishermen hope for. (Below)



Then comes the fishies!! Cute little critters and even better eating. This is me laughing at how squishy it is and the cute little squeaky noise that they make when you hold them.


The best netter I know! My sister, Taylor, awaiting her duties of swiftly and accurately capturing the fish to get them out of the water so my dad can get the hooks out of their mouths.


A little comparison between one of our smallest catches and one of our biggest of the day. The bigger the better, but both are just as cute… and tasty!


Always gotta get a picture of your catch! Some were a little stubborn to get to stay on their belly’s’ because they were just too fat! Oh well, fat fish means good eats!


In total, we caught 11 catfish! 10 blue cats and 1 channel cat. We let one go to let it grow a little more and to be caught again some other day.


Isn’t he cute!! Just a little close up of our one and only channel catfish of the day. Such fascinating creatures!


There’s nothing like a day spent on a boat, pulling in fish, feeling the wind in my hair, feeling the sun on my skin, and being in the company of those I love most. Just like old times.

Fishing has shown me: some of the most beautiful and mysterious creations of God, the power of a little bit of work and a whole lot of patience, the importance of my family, that if love is at the root of all you do and all of your thoughts, you will always find joy, and much much more.

“Give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese Proverb

Fishing makes me feel full in more ways than one.

Another post to come soon about our yummy catfish dinner!


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